This is my first blog. . . my . . . first . . . blog. . . wow. As I ponder what to write, I have to recall what brought me to this point in my life. Art, more specifically watercolor, brought me here and my desire to continue in learning and growing in this medium. 

It all began when I was a child. As a child, my favorite pastime, besides my Barbie dolls, was to color. Not a big thing, right, but I had just about every coloring book and every color that was available then by Crayola. Only Crayola would do. I was a meticulous colorer. That’s all I did, but when I started high school, one of my class options was Art. I signed up and so did some of my friends, thinking that it would be an easy “A”. Not so easy as it turned out for them because they dropped out for other classes while I remained and took all four years of Art in high school and in college. 

I’ll never forget my high school art teacher, Joyce Strauss. She was full of ideas and knowledge when it came to art. Quite advanced for her time, now as I look back. In those four years of art, we learned batik, plaster sculpture, metal sculpture, mask making, candle making, art design and graphics, pattern transfer, watercolor, oil, pastels, calligraphy, pen and ink, anything to do with art and creativity, we did, and we filled up four years of school doing it. 

She is the one teacher that influenced me the most. Today, I look to others in my circle of artists and see so many gifted persons. Each with a different style and drive forward. From the community ed instructor who influenced me to focus on watercolor to my current art class instructor who is there as a guide and critic to help me grow. What about you? Where did you get your start and what keeps you painting?